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How to Redeem My Coupon?

I entered a coupon code and it’s invalid. What should I do?

I still have old coupons from past GC Advantages programs. Can I still redeem them?

I have entered the coupon codes online. What should I do with the coupons now?

The product delivered to me is faulty. Who do I contact to have this fixed or replaced?

How long will it take for my products to be delivered?

Can I have my purchases delivered to an alternative address?

Can other people in my business access my coupons?

How long do my coupons last?

What if something I want to redeem for cost more than the coupons I have available?

I didn’t use my coupons before they expired. What do I do?

How do I know how many coupons I must redeem?

I lost my coupons before I could enter them into the system. What do I do?

I've purchased a GC product from Henry Schein but have not received my coupons. Why?

When are my coupons available to redeem?

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